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Focus T25 Exercises

Focus T25 Exercises

Focus T25 program consists of an Alpha and Beta Cycle. In this cycle, you carry out various exercises. Below you can read how the cycles look like so you know what to expect from Focus T25.

Focus T25 exercises Alpha Cycle

The first four weeks of Focus T25 follow the exercises from the Alpha cycle. This cycle is steaming ready for the Beta cycle. Every day you do a different kind of training. What exercises can you expect at this stage?

Focus T25 Cardio

Cardio: Cardio exercises focus on burning fat so quickly you will begin to see muscle definition. Most cardio exercises focus on the lower body and the lower body muscles. Each week, the exercises are intense.Speed 1.0: These exercises revolve around speed. You will carry out the exercises paced and explosive manner. They are called plyometric exercises that revolve around improving speed, fitness and stamina.Ab intervals: The interval ab exercises rotate completely around your abs. You’ll build muscle burn fat as well so that you long dreamed abs get!Lower focus: These exercises focus entirely on your legs. If you perform these exercises properly, you will feel them for days.Total body circuit: This interval exercises focus on the entire body. These exercises prepare you for the Beta cycle of the program. The first part of the 25-minute exercises are explained quietly, the second round, the intensity is increased quite so well you need to bake!

Focus T25 exercises: Beta Cycle

After four weeks, you’re ready for the second cycle of Focus T25. And do not think that will be much easier. The intensity is greatly increased again. The focus shifts at this stage some more cardio to exercises for your core. After four weeks the Beta cycle finished. These exercises can you expect in the beta cycle.

Core Cardio: The core cardio is an intensified version of cardio exercise in the Alpha cycle. The exercises are more complex and a lot faster. This is a serious cardio work!

Dynamic Core: These exercises focus entirely on your abs. You perform a variety of exercises that make it fun to follow the training.Speed 2.0: This is the sequel to Speed 1.0 from the Alpha phase. The speed is further increased three rounds where you perform the same exercises.Upper focus: These exercises focus on the upper body where especially the shoulders, back and upper arms are trained. It is a combination of strength and cardio which ensures that you get a muscular upper body.

Ripped Circuit: The circuit ripped trains the entire body. You’re doing a lot of combination exercises that train several muscles at once, such as lunges, burpees and deadlifts.

Focus T25: other exercises
Both the Alpha and the Beta cycle you will also perform stretching exercises. It is important that you do this well, it will help with the recovery. This you’ll definitely need! Good stretch is part of a complete workout. The Focus T25 is a great hiit workout.

What do you get with the Focus T25 DVD?

Focus T25 Contents

Alpha Cycle
DVD 1: Cardio
DVD 2: Speed 1.0

Total Body Circuit
DVD 3: Ab Intervals
DVD 4: Lower Focus

Beta Cycle
DVD 5: Core Cardio
DVD 6: Speed 2.0

Rip’t Circuit:
DVD 7: Dynamic Core
DVD 8: Upper Focus

Free Bonus:
DVD 9: Stretch Workout
Resistance Bands
5-Day Fast Track Guide
Quick Start Guide
Get It Done Nutrition Guide
Alpha-Beta workout calendar

Focus T25

This new program is designed by Shaun T., also known for its popular Insanity Workout. Where the insanity workout a very heavy program and for some perhaps violently, Focus T25 is suitable for everyone! In workout sessions of 25 minutes you get an amazing result. So even if you have limited time, you can follow this program. Below you can read more about the contents of the Focus T25 training.

Focus T25: What is it?

Scientific studies have shown that workouts of an hour not be necessary to burn fat. Indeed, shorter and more intensive workouts make sure that you burn more fat. This short workouts because you stay in the ideal fat burning zone. That’s exactly where Focus T25 focuses on. In short, intense workouts of 25 minutes gives you so great results.

Interval training focuses on the entire body. Counting but so that you will feel muscle pain everywhere. Focus T25 program consists of two cycles, the Alpha and Beta cycle. Each cycle lasts 5 weeks where there are 5 different exercises to be done. On our other page you can read more about the Focus T25 exercises.

Focus T25 summarized

Below you can read in a few bullet points why you should join the Focus T25 program.

Focus T25 was developed by Shaun T., creator of the program, the Insanity Workout. His experiences with these types of programs is large and millions of people worldwide have fallen through its programs. You can do that too!
The unique formula of short workouts of 25 minutes, make sure that you are in the optimal fat burning zone. This will make you lose fat quickly and go see muscle definition. And in just 25 minutes a day!
It has been mentioned a few times but the training of Focus T25 last only 25 minutes. Sports takes time and many people are busy. In this way many people fail to exercise. But Focus T25 you can do at home and takes only 25 minutes. Everyone can make time for it anyway?

Focus T25 video

Below is the video explains how the Focus T25 program works. A must to see!

And, are you convinced? Then click on the button below to get the Focus T25 DVDs. Then you can quickly start the program. Good luck!