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HIIT workout

Hiit Training Workouts

There are some popular hiit training workout programs

Focus T25

Shaun T’s Focus T25 is primarily a cardio workout, this kind of exercise will help you improve your overall fitness and perfect to burn fat. Cardio training is also good for your vital organs like your heart and lungs. Shaun T has after its world famous Insanity developed a new training that is very effective, only slightly less heavy as Insanity. Focus T25 is a lot more pleasant than Insanity yet it remains a challenging workout for which you really need perseverance. The “burnout” part midway and at the end is as a part where you have to be mentally strong, this is where you’ll have to reallydig deeper and demand a lot of your body, physically and mentally. This going to ask you the best of your body and the fat burning will also be optimal. Fortunately you will find a recovery exercise after the “burnout” part so your body can recover.


Insanity Workout is an intensive training of an American fitness instructor, Shaun T, which was released on DVD by the company Beachbody. The DVDs are several workouts that you should follow a set order. The complete training lasts 60 days and the promise is that you get fitter and more toned than ever. Every day you train 30-60 minutes full out. You sweat broken. Every day you have muscle pain. You’re really going to extremes. Dig DEEPER y’all!


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