How To Lose Weight?

By regularly work out and eat low fat you can achieve good results within a few months. You should not be surprised surprised to hear that you go eat through the training there: it does not matter, use more carbohydrates, more protein and healthy fats! Also make sure that the difference between intake and expenditure is not greater than 750 kcal per day, otherwise the chances are that muscle will be burned.

Many people think that your long and quiet (walking or cycling) must work out if you want to lose weight, because as the fat burning is highest. However, it is better to intensify sports. You burn as many as fats but also more carbohydrates and glycogen. During a quiet training burn about 500 calories per hour. The percentage of fat is about 50%. The consumption of fat is therefore 250 kcal. In an intense workout you burn a lot more: 1000 kcal per hour. However, the consumption of fat has been decreased to 25%. In this intensive training, the consumption of fats thus 250 kcal! Another important advantage is that after the next meal the glycogen being replenished in the muscle and then any excess energy as fat is stored. It is of course true that peaceful sport can be sustained much longer and therefore more (fat) is going to be burned. However, it takes more time. Another disadvantage of intensive training is that your body must handle and it’s a lot harder training form.

For beginning runners is intensive gait training as written above probably too heavy a burden on muscles and tendons. Beginners are better opt for the less intensive Waste Schedule running. After this training 12 weeks or you can follow a heavier schedule: Training Schedule 10 km beginner or possibly Training schedule 10 km half advanced. Another possibility is that you regularly go cycling or intensive fitness. Cycling and fitness is less prone to injury.Fat percentageOur body consists of about 20 kg of muscle tissue. Muscle is heavier than fat. This means that a slim muscular person may be heavier than a similar person with more body fat. If your fat percentage is known, you can also calculate your fat mass and lean mass. Your lean body mass is your body weight reduces your fat mass. Once you know this you can also calculate how much fat you have to lose in order to achieve a certain percentage of body fat. For a calculator: Determine Fat mass and lean body mass.

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