Nutrition after exercise

Imagine, you’ve trained just lovely, you walk into the kitchen and then ask you the question: what can I now the best food?Before we can answer that question, it is important to know why we really need to eat after exercise. When exercising your muscles significantly addressed and there will be damage to the muscles. Through proper diet combined with rest will restore your muscles and will find muscle building instead. What you need after the workout exactly eat and drink?
Until about an hour after exercising your body is all set to be restored and will optimally include the required nutrients. So try to take a half an hour after exercise, the right diet for you.


Your body is made in large part from moisture. The important thing is that you supplement your fluid stock. How much fluid you need to complete depends on how much fluid you’ve lost during training, but also the temperature and the humidity.If you do not drink enough, you run the risk of dehydration. This can be noticed for example by a nasty headache that comes up a few hours after exercise.The easiest way to replenish your water supply is drinking water. Alcohol and caffeinated drinks have a diuretic effect and are therefore not recommended.


Carbohydrates stimulate the production of muscle glycogen. This ensures that your muscles recover faster. The amount depends on factors such as the intensity and duration of your sporting activity. Because immediately after training appetite is not big, you can choose the best first liquid or easily digestible carbohydrate-rich product. This includes soda, fruit juice, fruit juice, lemonade, energy-rich sports drink or a banana. You want something more substantial, opt for pasta, cereal or bread with honey. The consumption of fifty grams of carbohydrate per two hours allows for maximum glycogen production.


The restoration of glycogen is stimulated by the intake of protein. A small amount of protein is found to be sufficient for this recovery.Proteins can be found in, for example cottage cheese or yogurt, but you also have special protein powders that can be mixed with milk or water to make a shake. The best protein powder for athletes, the Whey Protein powders. These are numerous Internet stores.

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