Recovery after exercise

Recovery after training or after a workout period should occur in everyone’s workout schedule. The reason is quite simple: it is during the recovery period that you get the most out of your workout. For optimum progress so there should be a proper balance between training and rest (recovery).There are a lot of factors which have an influence on a good recovery. A few of the most important being the start of the recovery, the length of recovery and the quality of the recovery.
Perhaps it is useful to first examine why restoration is needed to make progress. The chart below clearly shows that you only book in the super compensation phase progress. To ensure that your body goes ‘super compensation’ you’ll have to recover!recovery
Immediately after trainingImmediately after the workout, you can already start your recovery through a cool-down, a nice hot shower (or hot / cold alternating) or even a massage. Make sure you post workout drink enough to replenish your fluid loss. If you’re unsure whether you drink enough you can before and after training to stand on the scales. This way you know if you’re somewhat supplemented the lost moisture. It is also important to get enough protein and carbohydrates after training in the foreseeable future

Further recovery

An indispensable part of the recovery is sleep. Of course everyone is different and not everyone needs the same amount of sleep. but after intense exercise, it is advisable to make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep per day. During sleep, your body naturally get optimal rest, but if you do not sleep you can give your body rest. By just sit on the couch sitting also get your body the chance to recover. An important factor for physical relaxation and tranquility so is your mental state. Stress or other headaches can adversely affect your physical relaxation. There are many ways you can mentally relax. Consider yoga, breathing exercises or just get some fresh air.

The recovery duration

It is important that you have recovered after training before starting the next exercise. For frequent and intense exercise is also recommended for occasional longer recovery period to insert. During this period the body gets good opportunity to restore all ‘damage’ of the training. This recovery does not necessarily mean that you are not doing anything. Training and stretching, foam rolling or a very quiet endurance training are excellent to do during a recovery period. Even in your regular exercise routine should be there place for such “recovery training.It is therefore important that you classify your workouts so that your body has enough time to recover.

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