What is HIIT Training good for?

Hiit training is great for  calorie burning , but it’s not a muscle sparing exercise.  Hiit is a form of cardiovascular exercise which is beneficial to burning fat in a short and intense workout.  Basically, it is an exercise technique that is intended to get results/improve performance through short bursts of high intensity exercise and also improve your cardiovascular performance by increasing the amount of oxygen you can take during exercise.  Hiit can also improve cardiovascular endurance, making workouts not only shorter, but easier.  This training technique is far more effective as an endurance builder than a fat burner.  Almost all the Crossfit workouts are also HIIT training routines.
Hiit is not a replacement for weight training, though. It can be applied to aerobic and/or weight training exercises.  Hiit is ‘interval’ training, where you go all out for 30 sec, and recover.  Hiit is an acronym for High-Intensity Interval Training and can also be used for breaking plateaus, by changing from steady cardio to high intensity interval training.  The concept of this training is training in time intervals, each interval at a varied toughness.
Hiit training is a better fat loss method than prolonged cardio and also has the side benefit of being a short, albeit intense, workout thus delivering an intense workout every session.  It is a difficult and challenging and demanding workout.  Hiit is what it says… high intensity but the results are undeniable.
Hiit cardio exercise will help keep muscle tissue in ways that low intensity cardio couldn’t and even promote anabolism and lean muscle tissue growth.  Hiit is FOR people who want muscle gain.  Hiit helps spare valuable lean muscle mass which is a key determinant of your RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate.  Hiit is good because it involves running and exercises that get your heart rate going and keep it pumping.
Hiit training is fine and all , and Im used to it.  Hiit workout can be used by anyone – of any fitness level – regardless of your goals.

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    Great article, high intensity training definitely has some major advantages over extended cardio sessions!

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